New Dubai Courts initiative to slash case times from 305 to 30 days

The C3 court initiative will merge all three levels of litigation in the Dubai legal system.

A new initiative from the Dubai government will merge the emirate’s three courts and slash the time court cases take from 305 days to 30 days, Dubai Courts announced on Monday.

The ‘C3’ court initiative will mean that judges from all three courts – first instance, appeal and supreme court – can hear cases concurrently rather than consecutively. In the past, the courts each head whole trials and issued their own judgments on the lengthy court, often taking almost a year from the time of filing or charge and a judgment.

“The court’s project will merge the three levels of litigation into a single court consisting of three judges each representing a level of litigation,” said Tarash Eid Al Mansoori, director general of Dubai Courts. “


Al Mansoori added that the initiative will reduce the time of litigation, simplify the court process, help enforce judgments and slash costs by cutting legal proceedings down to a month.

“With the C3 project, Dubai Courts will be the first court in the world to consolidate the three levels of litigation into a single department to issue peremptory judgments that can be implemented immediately with modern and simplified procedures that will shorten the time of the lawsuit,” he added.