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Separation & Divorce Attorneys

Separating or divorce is never easy, but when couples and their lawyers take a less adversarial approach, the entire family benefits. This is an approach encouraged in many jurisdictions and, where appropriate, we are committed to the practice of collaborative law for resolving family law matters.
When working collaboratively, the parties and their legal representatives agree to resolve all issues of their case without contentious (and costly) court proceedings. They plan together to craft an agreement, only applying to the court to process an agreed form of the divorce petition and to sanction the final consent order.

A collaborative model for quick & satisfying agreements

The collaborative model is often faster and more “user-friendly” than court proceedings. It can help keep channels of communication open between participants, which is vital where there is a continued need to co-parent children. It can also help parties to conclude an agreement which they can live with for the long term.

In some instances, the collaborative process is not an option and in such cases, we ensure that our clients have competent representation in whichever forum they find themselves litigating.